Minnesota Food Charter Releases Food Access Planning Guide

The new Food Access Planning Guide is a powerful tool for healthy food advocates and planners to include healthy food-related policy in comprehensive plans. Get your copy here.

An Introduction to the Good Food Access Fund

This legislative request for recurring funds—if successfully passed—would provide access to financing, capital, and technical assistance for retail stores selling healthy food and related businesses that supply this food. Learn more.

Safe Food, Local Meats

New funding means more support for Minnesota meat processing facilities. Get the Story

How can I help?

Whatever your role, you can make a difference and help improve the health of Minnesota for the coming generations. Find out what you can do!

Who are the Food Charter Champions?

Food Charter Champions are individuals and organizations already hard at work implementing strategies. Read all about them.


Why a Food Charter?

In recent decades, diet-related health issues have surged—presenting costly, long-term challenges to Minnesota’s prosperity. Unequal access to healthy food results in a lower bottom line—from worker productivity to healthcare costs.


Creating a Plan for a Healthier Minnesota

As a state, we must work together to support prosperous, healthy communities. By putting health at the center of policies and systems, we can achieve the changes we need.


Contribute to Minnesota’s Healthy Food Future