Minnesota Food Charter Network Teams

Strategic Team

The Strategic Team builds shared capacity to support implementation and alignment across the state. Comprised of leaders from the food system, the Team oversees the vision, monitors the Network, and identifies future opportunities to move the Minnesota Food Charter forward.

To learn more, contact: Minnesota Food Charter Network,

Learning & Capacity Building Action Team

The Learning & Capacity Building Action Team supports a culture of health in Minnesota by helping communities successfully advance Minnesota Food Charter strategies by building capacity, developing skills, and encouraging collaboration and learning.

To learn more, contact: Noelle Harden, University of Minnesota Extension,

Shared Measurement Action Team

The Shared Measurement Action Team recommends indicators to monitor changes in the Minnesota food system associated with the Minnesota Food Charter.

Click here to view Phase 1 Working Paper: Preliminary Recommendations & Next Steps: Spring 2018.

To learn more, contact: Abby Gold, PhD, MPH, RD; North Dakota State University, or Liana Schreiber, MPH, RDN, Minnesota Department of Health,

Cross-Agency Working Group

The Cross Agency working group convenes government agencies working together on Food Charter strategies.

To learn more, contact: Minnesota Food Charter Network,

Engagement Team

The Engagement Team’s function is to support, connect, and build the capacity of food networks to contribute to the implementation of Minnesota Food Charter strategies. 

To learn more, contact: Stephanie Heim, MPH, RDN; University of Minnesota Extension,