The Charter

MNA roadmap to healthy, affordable, and safe food for all Minnesotans The Minnesota Food Charter is a tool to create healthy, prosperous communities. It offers ways to ensure that nourishing food is accessible today and for future generations.

EASY AS 1 2 3 !!

From farm to fork, the Food Charter offers concrete ways to build prosperous communities through changes to policies and systems at all scales.

  1. Each section defines a key part of access to healthy food.
  2. Challenges that affect these parts are listed on each section’s left page.
  3. Strategies that people can implement together are on each section’s right page.

We identified challenges and strategies through a variety of sources, including extensive public input, expert advice, research review, and related evidence about the extent of these challenges and the effectiveness of proposed strategies. While not necessarily an exhaustive list, these strategies offer the most promising and most acceptable avenues for change, according to the thousands of Minnesotans who provided feedback to the Food Charter.