Call To Action

Become a Food Charter Champion!
The Minnesota Food Charter was created so that people can work together to increase healthy food access for all. Our health and prosperity depend on it! Here’s what you can do to become a Food Charter Champion:


Go to for a copy of the Food Charter and some great ways to share it with your friends and colleagues. There are easy-to-use resources that can help you host meetings, implement recommendations, and make change.

2. ACT

Join with others to implement Food Charter strategies. You and your friends or colleagues can work on Food Charter strategies that matter most to you. Share your plans with others across the state, by clicking “Act” at You can learn what others are working on too!


Stay informed about the Food Charter. “Like” the Minnesota Food Charter Facebook page, follow the Food Charter on Twitter, and sign up for the Food Charter e-newsletter at

Many Minnesotans want to leave a legacy of health and prosperity for future generations. The Minnesota Food Charter makes health a priority across all policies and systems—from farm to fork. Together, we can ensure all Minnesotans are healthy and prosperous, now and tomorrow.