Many people lack access to reliable, affordable transportation, which makes it difficult to get to stores and other places that offer healthy food options.

Many communities lack safe routes for people who walk, use a wheelchair or scooter, or ride their bike to food sources.

Safety issues—such as being a pedestrian after dark or working alone in a community garden – can limit access to healthy food.

Everyone needs affordable, easy ways to get to places that offer healthy options.

Many people rely on public transportation to get to their preferred food sources (such as stores, food shelves, or farmers markets).

Sometimes the public transit routes are lengthy, do not offer stops near these food sources, or offer infrequent or inconvenient scheduling.

Many rural communities and some city neighborhoods don’t have nearby food sources or stores offering healthy, affordable groceries.

Some people have mobility issues that keep them from shopping in person.

Long winters mean cold temperatures and icy streets and sidewalks. Walking, biking and taking the bus can be dangerous.