From the Director: November Update

You should be a Minnesota Food Charter Champion!

Stacy Hammer, a registered dietitian with the Lower Sioux Health Care Center, works to get healthier food options served at community meetings, powwows, funerals, and other important widely attended events hosted at the community center or the tribe’s casino. Janneke Quick Sobeck, Director for Live Well Winona and Co-Coordiantor for Winona County, engages the community in a culture of wellness. For example, she’s involved with a restaurant food labeling program as well as with farm to school programs through SHIP in Lewiston and Winona. Randell Hanson, Assistant Professor of Geography with the University of Minnesota – Duluth, is restoring people’s awareness of where their food comes from and how it is grown. He’s doing so through cultivation of the Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP) at the University of Minnesota – Duluth, where college students and community groups experience working the land and growing food they will eat.

Stacy, Janneke, and Randell are Minnesota Food Charter Champions. Are you?

People, organizations, and partnerships working to implement Food Charter strategies can now become Food Charter Champions and help advance our important shared agenda for change.

If you support the Minnesota Food Charter or are involved in implementing one or more strategies, then you should be a Food Charter Champion! Follow this link for more information and as well as an easy sign-up form for you and/or your organization to become a Food Charter Champion.