Make Your Voice Heard on February 6th

On February 6th, attend your party’s caucus to help improve Minnesota’s food system.

This year is an important election year, which presents a great opportunity for us to come together to positively impact our food systems and help make sure MN’s agriculture and food policy is sustainable and just.

While it’s important those of us who can vote do vote, we have an opportunity to have an even bigger impact on this year’s political process by showing up to caucus and using the forthcoming food system resolution on February 6th.

What is a caucus? It’s a community gathering at which folks begin to decide which candidates and issues that best represent their values are prioritized by their respective political parties.

We are excited to invite you to join folks passionate about better food systems from around Minnesota for an easy-to-access caucus training webinar on Wednesday, January 31st 6:30-7:30 (UPDATE: a recording of this webinar training can be found here) where you can expect to:

  • learn about caucusing basics, so you feel empowered to have a productive (and maybe even enjoyable!) experience;
  • get any questions you might have answered by folks experienced in the process (there are no dumb questions);
  • be in a virtual room with a lot of other awesome folks from around the state.

You can find the location of your caucus here.