Minnesota Food Charter Network Communications Training Webinar Series

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The Minnesota Food Charter Network is offering a series of learning resources throughout 2018 to help food networks and food advocates across Minnesota sharpen their strategic communications skills and hone their network development know-how. Learn more about our communications webinar series below to help you and your colleagues be more persuasive communicators:

Do you want to foster engagement, mobilize stakeholders, influence perceptions, and ultimately achieve social change?

Join us for the Minnesota Food Charter Network Communications Training Webinar Series—four webinars focused on strategic communications skills to help people understand food systems and food systems change.

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Webinar #1: How Framing and Messaging Build a Movement: The Use of Master Frames in Communications

Wednesday, May 30  l 10:00 am – 11:00 am


This webinar will introduce the power and rationale for using values-based frames in strategic communications.

Learn about:

  • What strategic communications is and how it differs from communications.
  • What research tells us about persuading audiences around food systems change, rural policy change, and inequality.
  • How intercultural development plays a role in effective messaging for systems change.
  • What master frames the Minnesota Food Charter uses and how it uses developmental messaging to reach its audience.

Invited Guest Speakers:

  • Diane Benjamin, formerly of Otto Bremer Trust and Frameworks Institute and architect of food systems messaging
  • Alfred Walking Bull, Communications Director, PFund Foundation

Webinar #2: What Is Strategic Communications and Why Is It Important to Food Systems Change

June 27  l 10:00 am – 11:00 am


The webinar will introduce the purpose and practice of effective strategic communications for advancing food systems change.

Learn about:

  • What is strategic communications and how does it differ from communications?
  • What are the components of strategic communications?
  • Why use strategic communications for food systems change?
  • What are the skills, components, and process for undertaking a communications campaign?

Invited Guest Speakers:

  • Mark Muller, McKnight Foundation
  • Sara Blair, gish&co.
  • Participant Resource: W. K. Kellogg Foundation Strategic Communications Handbook

Webinar #3: Building Engagement and Momentum: What is the Minnesota Food Charter Network Strategic Communications Infrastructure?

July 25  l 10:00 am – 11:00 am


This webinar will introduce the audiences and existing communications infrastructure of the Minnesota Food Charter Network.

Learn about:

  • What is the brand identity of the Minnesota Food Charter? What is the brand equity?
  • How does brand equity help leverage change and establish credibility?
  • Who are audiences for the Minnesota Food Charter Network? How are they identified?
  • What are the channels and tactics that the Minnesota Food Charter Network communications infrastructure? How were they developed? Who do they reach?
  • How can these channels help foster food systems change?
  • In what ways can Minnesota Food Charter Network’s channels, brand, and communications infrastructure help advance the change agendas of local and regional food networks and state level policies?

Guest Speakers:

  • Maggi Adamek, Ph.D., Terra Soma Consulting Services

Webinar #4: Creating and Deploying a Communications Plan for Impact

September 26  l 10:00 am – 11:00 am


This webinar will provide participants with a step-by-step look at how to create and deploy a strategic communications plan, including usage of Minnesota Food Charter Network’s communications infrastructure.

Learn about:

  • What is included in a communications plan?
  • How do you identify target audiences? Why do you need key messages? What are tactics? What are collateral? How do you select messengers and channels? What is cross promotion? Why is a brand important?

Invited Guest Speakers:

  • Two Minnesota Food Charter Champions will prepare sample plans for review and suggestions from webinar participants.